Saxby, why don't you go first?

I agree, Saxby.

Fresh off his double-digits runoff win, Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss says his party must return to its conservative roots.

But what is troubling is this:

he said he expects his campaign will be a model for Republicans looking to regroup in the 2010 election cycle.

Now, if you mean being forced to put your team in the corner and let the professional, conservative adults in the room take over, rescue you, and win, then absolutely! If you mean, blow a lead, burn through a wad of cash, run a cluster *$#! of a campaign, get into a runoff, and scramble around like mad forcing others into difficult positions they should not have had to be in, then no.

The fact is Saxby, you have no natural base in Georgia. You don’t. Johnny has the metro Atlanta Republicans — a sizable group. You have Moultrie. Johnny has the country club moderates. You don’t have them and you don’t have the conservatives. The best you can claim are farmers — not a sizable group.

Saxby, do you realize your campaign did no significant outreach to third party groups in the general election? Seriously. Now I know some of your staff will say otherwise, but I’ve talked to the gun groups, the small business groups, the Christian groups, the free enterprise groups, and others — they are all pretty damn unanimous that your outreach efforts were terrible.

Likewise, you put yourself into this position. You talk about returning to your conservative roots — well you start first. The immigration compromise hurt you with the base. The farm bill hurt you with the business community. The energy compromise hurt you with the part of the base not hurt by the immigration compromise. Then the bailout vote set you on fire and nobody could bother even peeing on you after that. You’ve gotten squishy on financial issues. You’ve gotten squishy on business issues. You’ve gotten comfortable in the establishment and the base does not see you as dependable anymore.

In short Saxby, you pissed off everybody. And people did not come out to vote for you. They came out to stop a filibuster proof Democrat Senate.

We all like you Saxby. Hell, I’ve busted my butt for years to get you elected, starting in 1994. And despite hundreds, if not thousands, of man hours working for you (including subjecting myself to Jim Marshall’s “Advising Small Businesses” class just to see if he’d say something stupid in 1998) and constantly fixing that miserable computer system in the old campaign office, I am sorely disappointed in how you’ve conducted yourself in the past few years. I am even more sorely disappointed that your campaign was a disaster of monumental incompetence and a high level of being disconnected and out of touch with the grassroots on whom you depend for votes and volunteers.

And you are damn retarded if you think otherwise.