More on Majority Strategies/NextWave Communications

From a friend in Ohio:

Brett is a bad man and should be in prison. He moved with his fundraiser wife to Florida, largely to run this business and avoid a lot of the new business taxes that he authored while serving as Chief of Staff for corrupt former speaker of the Ohio House Larry Householder. (He wrote a fascinating 109 page memo- which was leaked online- on how to destroy Ken Blackwell as retribution for being the only Ohio Republican to push a ballot issue to repeal the 2003 sales tax increase.)

Brett did that exact same thing with vendors for the Ohio House Republican caucus.  He would overpay vendors, or set up new vendors himself, then he, Kyle Sisk, and Householder would receive secret “consulting fees” from the vendors. I don’t think it’s illegal for a campaign committee to overpay for services (ie, $100,000 for 60 copies of the same basic 4 page campaign website from a firm he made up called “Wired Voter”) but he certainly helped set Ohio House Republicans on the path to the minority status they earned in November.