How do we know the auto bailout is unpopular across the board?

When people on the left start favorably linking to this Wall Street Journal article, you know the bailout has problems.

[I]n the other American auto industry you rarely read about, car makers are gaining market share and adjusting amid the sales slump, without seeking a cent from the government.These are the 12 “foreign,” or so-called transplant, producers making cars across America’s South and Midwest. Toyota, BMW, Kia and others now make 54% of the cars Americans buy. The internationals also employ some 113,000 Americans, compared with 239,000 at U.S.-owned carmakers, and several times that number indirectly.. . . . The root of this other industry’s success is no secret. In fact, Detroit has already adopted some of its efficiency and employment strategies, though not yet enough. To put it concisely, the transplants operate under conditions imposed by the free market. Detroit lives on Fantasy Island.

And therein lies the problem. The Democrats have set up a false dichotomy — helping American automakers and not foreign automakers.

Funny, in Democrats’ minds massive immigration of people is a good think. Hell, they’ll even embrace you if you’re illegal. But no foreigners allowed, even highly productive ones, when the foreigners are companies employing American workers.

The world has advanced too far for Democrat protectionist policies of command and control.