Congratulations Sarah Palin (and Saxby)

Both Sarah Palin and Barack Obama campaigned in Georgia. Palin flew all over the state rallying Republicans. Obama flew under the radar heavily targeting black voters, demanding support for Martin, and running heavy radio advertising on urban stations.

Ladies and Gentlemen, black voters turned out for Obama, but not for Obama’s candidates. Remember that for 2010.

But folks, remember this too: Sarah Palin asked Republicans to turn out and they did. Of all the Republicans who campaigned for Chambliss, she was the only one that went all over the state for him. And it paid off.

Now Saxby, pay attention: If you do not fire Charlie Harmon tomorrow and undergo a significant restructuring of your Washington office you will prove yourself a fool who has learned nothing from this. Hiring a Democrat to run your office was a bad idea. That he pushed you to engage in bipartisan compromises that did nothing but piss off your base was inexcusable. A Chief of Staff could keep you out of this crap, not get you into it. He should himself resign.

Also, memo to the Georgia Republican Party: Sue Everhart is not eligible for re-election in 2009 as Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. The stunning lack of anything displayed by the statewide GOP apparatus disqualifies her.