Save Taxpayers, Not GM

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), a member of the Republican Study Committee, has had enough of Congressional bailouts.

Right now there is $350 billion left of he $700 billion Congressional bailout funds. He has an alternative to more bailouts: a two month tax holiday.

Gohmert’s tax holiday plan is elegant in its simplicity: every American taxpayer would pay no federal income or FICA taxes for the first two months of 2009. For the typical American family — earning about $50,000 a year — that would mean they would keep about $2000 that would otherwise be paid to the government. Gohmert’s plan doesn’t pay for Wall Street bonuses or let banks use bailout money to buy other banks or pay dividends. It doesn’t rely on bureaucrats to pay money out to the right people at the right time or try to stimulate the economy with token payments to people who don’t pay taxes.

Gohmert would like to hold the holiday in January or February of next year. It would cost approximately $332 billion, still cheaper than using the rest of the bailout money for a bailout.

Freeing individuals from two months of federal taxation would be a substantial benefit to families and the economy. “Those who can’t catch up on their mortgage get one-third of their money back each month and then they’ll be able to catch up on their mortgages. They’ll be able to refinance their mortgages, they’ll be able to buy stock that they can’t currently buy,” Gohmert said. He added, “Somebody earning $72,000 would get a couple of thousand dollars back a month if we allow them to get back both income tax and FICA.”

You can sign our petition to support Congressman Gohmert. As events unfold and the legislation is drafted, we will email petition signers with the names and phone numbers of Congressmen to call to support the Gohmert plan.

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