Pre-Turkey Day Open Thread


As you can tell, we’re moving slow this day before Thanksgiving. I’ve already been digging into the sweet potato pie. This will be our first Thanksgiving at home. With a baby expected in the next two weeks, we’ve decided not to travel. And we’re having no guests. So it’ll just be us.

Evelyn, this morning, discovered the Superman episode with Batman and the Joker. When she’s not downstairs telling the Joker she’s going to have a talk to Jesus about him, is absolutely fascinated that all three are on the same show at once. Now if only Wonder Woman showed up.

As for me? Today, like every day, will be a work day. The fight continues. We’ll be posting sporadically and promoting diaries to the front.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Question for the Open Thread: What do you want to see RedState accomplish in 2009? My thoughts are here

(H/t to Em Zanotti for the pic)