The Palin Trip to Georgia

I was going to post-jack Josh’s post, but instead I’ll go all ego and put up my own post here.

Governor Palin will be in Georgia on Monday. In fact, she’ll be 30 minutes from my house at 1:30 p.m.

So anyway, I’ve decided to buy my wife a shotgun for Christmas. I could use Governor Palin’s advice on this as I’ve never bought a gun before. It will need to be a manly gun because I will take ownership of it once the three year old decides boys are not as yucky as she thought.

This is all to ask, rather shameless, can Christy and I get tickets or face time or something? Please?

By the way, I voted today for Saxby. Even in Democrat leaning Bibb County, the early voting numbers look good for Saxby. Let’s keep it up and keep the Dems from getting to 60.