Putting David Brooks in his place

I went after David Brooks yesterday.

Stacy McCain wants Brooks and George Will air dropped into Afghanistan without parachutes.

Ann Coulter drew blood.

And now R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. is weighing in. And he makes roughly the same point I made, but does so from a different angle:

What provoked Brooks’ fandango with the Traditionalists and the Reformers was a meeting the former group held in the Virginia hills outside Washington to prepare for the years ahead. As Brooks reported, I was present; his term Traditionalist, however, is misleading. There was more variety within the group than you would find among liberals planning a revival in 2004. There were libertarians, evangelicals, tax cutters, hawkish foreign policy advocates, and others. It was indeed the kind of turnout that could be termed “Reaganite,” and there are other meetings coming up. For years, the conservative movement has had more variety than the liberal movement, which might explain why only 22 percent of the American people call themselves liberal, while 34 percent call themselves conservatives. There is vitality on the right, and there will be vitality in the wilderness, though the last time we were out here, we only stayed two years. Liberal overreach and incompetence saw to that.

Can we please stop pretending David Brooks is a conservative now?