Congrats Senator Cornyn, Now Be Careful Who You Pick

Dear Senator Cornyn,

Congratulations. You are now de facto NRSC Chairman. I trust you will do a competent job.

I’m very concerned though, sir. Members of the House and Senate, when they get in leadership positions, sometimes surround themselves with people who want to be there for the resume line, not the cause.

Your cause, sir, is to pick up seats in 2010. That will be a year that sees Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, and other good conservatives on the ballot as Senate candidates.

It would concern me greatly, then, if you hired Rob Jesmer for any position at the NRSC. I realize he was on your Senate campaign in Texas, sir, but I’m troubled by him.

As you know, Congressman Scott Garrett is a die hard conservative champion in Congress. And as you know, Congressman Garrett was in the fight of his political life this year.

It was, therefore, unfortunate, that Mr. Jesmer would try to hit on or otherwise play nice with your opponent’s press secretary by bashing a conservative leader like Scott Garrett.

In fact, with a tape recorder on, Rob Jesmer called Scott Garrett a nut to Garrett’s opponent’s daughter. She served as your opponent’s press secretary.

And guess what? Your campaign manager’s statement that Garrett is a “nut” made the papers in New Jersey.

Rob Jesmer showed (A) distain for a true conservative; (B) terrible judgment; and/or (C) great immaturity in that act. I would be deeply, deeply concerned about having him in the NRSC in such a critical election cycle.

Erick Erickson
Editor, RedState.com