Saxby Chambliss, Jim Martin, and Obama's Minion Horde

You’d think Obama might not want a filibuster proof Senate, so they still have an effective foil to blame in the GOP. But it’s looking more and more like Saxby’s could be the sixtieth seat and Obama is sending his minion horde to Georgia:

“Obama’s former campaign workers are now assisting Martin in his 25 offices across the state, Martin said. Those ground troops, he said, are more important than big-name politicians for getting voters back to the polls. Some prominent Democrats have volunteered to come down for his campaign, Martin said, without offering specifics.”

If you don’t think staff makes a difference just remember the discrepancy in Florida between Obama and McCain’s staffers and look at the results.

With uncertainty in Alaska and Democrats doing their best to steal the election in Minnesota, Georgia looms large as a firewall against a filibuster proof Democrat controlled Senate. This is going to be fun.

More on the migration of Obama’s minions can be read here.