A Response to E Pluribus Unum

[This] (https://redstate.com/diaries/epluribusunum/2008/nov/07/dear-redstate-about-that-recommended-list/) is an awesome diary. It is quite well said. I appreciate it and the contributors appreciate it.

Here is where we stand:

  1. A number of users have started posting throw away diaries that could best be comments. The result is that the good stuff scrolls off the front page too fast. I am going to begin deleting the garbage so the quality stuff survives and thrives.

  2. We will work harder to promote the quality to the front page, something that was hard the last few months as traffic on the front and server problems made it difficult to do that. Likewise, we’ll work harder at putting up regular front page posts linking to quality diaries that might have been missed.

  3. The recommended diaries list works as it has always worked, from RS v.1.0 to RS v.2.0 to now. What’s happening? I’ve gone through the data, the logs, and the list and conclude one thing: there are cliques that are developing among readers here and those cliques are, in effect, denying people outside the cliques the recognition they deserve. Go through the recommended diaries list. Look over a couple of weeks. You’ll see the same people recommending each other’s diaries. I find it hard to believe it is just coincidence.

Based on the third point, I’ve asked all our tech guys to brainstorm on a solution. It may be limiting the number of recommendations a person can make in a day or if the same people recommend the same diaries constantly we’ll lower the weight of each of those person’s recommendation.

The system only works when we work together. The cliques that promote each other at the expense of the community need to end. And we all need to commit to writing better diaries, pointing out nicely to new users that diaries should have some substance, and flagging the throw away posts that are crowding out the good stuff.