With Regard to Operation Leper

Let me take a moment to remind our friends in the McCain campaign of a certain fact. It is a fact which, to my mind, ought to be foremost in the mind of all Republicans. It is the fact that Sarah Palin has been resolutely loyal, and joyously so, to the man who nominated her for Vice President. At every rally, the crowd roaring with enthusiasm, she would deliver words of extraordinary praise and endorsement. “As the mother of one of those troops, [John McCain] is just the kind of man I want as Commander in Chief.” Stuff like that.

After the dispiriting election, to which she lent her energy, her talent, her amazing toughness (for let no Republican ever dare to forget what an staggering weight of innuendo and invective greet Mrs. Sarah Palin upon her arrival on the national scene), she continued to give honor to the man who had called her to the ticket.

All the leaks went against her. When was a nasty word uttered to the press by known Palin people against McCain?

Whatever went on behind the scenes of the campaign, we have before us the pulverizing public fact of Sarah Palin’s loyalty to John McCain as his vice presidential nominee.