The definition of insanity is doing the same failed thing over and over expecting a different result

Here’s where I am on the House and Senate GOP leadership races.

The whole lot of them should be rounded up and hanged.  Slowly.

When you lose two elections in a row, you pull out the ginsu knife and go for seppuku. Honor demands it.

Real leaders know when to get out of the way.  People too comfortable to be effective do not.

That said, I do not want to demand John Boehner resign without someone we think worthwhile to challenge him who is willing to do so.  Same with McConnell1. Frankly, Boehner could not herd the cats this session. Too many of them were retiring and willing to stab him in the back. Nonetheless, honor generally demands you step down after two consecutive electoral defeats unless your name is Bob Michel, in which case we just shove you aside, pretend you don’t exist, and smother you quietly while we take control.

Without someone to stand up and say they’ll fight to be minority leader, I do not want to shout in the wind.  If Boehner is the only guy the caucus can stand behind, so be it. He is, at the end of the day, more one of us than not one of us.

I’m happy for Cantor to step up to whip.

Kevin McCarthy replacing Cantor in Cantor’s present spot would work well.

I’m happy for Pence to replace Putnam, though I’d prefer Hensarling because Pence is terrible at interpersonal relationships with other members due to ego competitions and, frankly, if Pence is the guy the conservatives put up instead of Hensarling, the odds go up dramatically that the moderates will unite around someone else.

I’m happy to find someone to replace McCotter.

Granger stepping down is icing on the cake.

Tom Cole wants to run again for NRCC. We need Pete Sessions there.

But with no one standing up to take out Boehner, I’m not going to demand he step down.  Were he to do so, without a pre-existing single challenger, the House conservatives would, as usual, split between different people and the moderates would, as usual, unite behind someone.  We’d be left eating a s**t sandwich — glad they heeded our call for change and vomiting at the replacement.

P.S.: In the Senate, Thune?!?!  Barack Obama has been on the floor of the Senate more in the past few years than Thune.  He’d need someone to even show him where his desk is.

  1. McConnell is not a great tactician.  He’s not.  Rounding up 60 votes once or twice a year to block a dumb Iraq resolution or moan about judges is not brilliant tactics.  Having a nasty wedge issue as a second degree amendment on EVERY Dem amendment would be great tactics.  Forcing really bad votes is good tactics.  Making Dems vote on bad issues is good tactics.  McConnell does none of that.