Cantor to Run for Whip

I have just heard from Eric Cantor’s office that Eric will announce at 12:30 p.m. his intention to run for House Republican Whip. Cantor, elected in 2000, won his Richmond-area Congressional seat last night with 64% of the vote and received the highest total vote of any Virginia Congressman—including Democrats. (221,467 votes)

Back in August 27, 2008, we endorsed Eric Cantor for Vice President because as we wrote then:

While a young man, Cantor has served in federal office twice as long as Barack Obama – and was a member of leadership when Obama was still in Springfield. In that short time, he has established himself as a dedicated and intelligent member of the House. As the Chief Deputy Whip, he has proved to be an organizer, an innovator, and a natural leader. His knowledge of foreign affairs is above what one would expect from a member of the House, and as a devout Jew, he is one of Israel’s greatest allies in Washington and has a wide range of evangelical supporters. He is pro-life without reservation, a strong supporter of gun rights, a fiscal conservative and a loyal advocate for the war on terror. And beyond being a member from a state McCain must carry to win in November, Cantor has proven himself as one of the best fundraisers in the House, with a massive base of support in New York, Florida, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

No word on whether Roy Blunt will run again. I’m hearing this morning from Hill sources that he is preparing to make this his last term.