Let's Reignite Operation Chaos Tomorrow

Friends, tomorrow is the day we’ve been focused on for so long. Let’s make it a great day. Let’s reignite Operation Chaos.

As you know, the media relies on exit polling to formulate their news coverage of Election Day. Likewise, the campaigns make estimations as the day wears on via exit polls. Lastly, in preparing for the next election’s polling, some pollsters will use exit polling to help them. We know how well that’s gone this year.

I have a hearty suggestion for all of us: seek out exit pollsters. Find them. Be willing to engage in the exit polling. And lie. Tell the exit pollsters you voted for Barack Obama. Tell them you are a diehard liberal. But tell them you voted for Barack Obama.

Then go home and watch the media realize there is something badly wrong with their data and make them have to watch the results come in with the rest of us.

Let’s give one last hurrah to Operation Chaos.

Update: Jim Geraghty advises me against doing this on the theory that the exits are going to be leaked early and will show a big Obama lead. Here’s the thing though: this happens every four years. Kerry and Gore both thought they had it in the bag as a result of the early leaks. So let’s fire back up Operation Chaos and throw the early leaks and raw data into complete and utter confusion.