Allen P. Stayman and the Radicalization of Democratic Campaigns

Allen P. Stayman is a +$100,000 professional staff member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. But lately he has descended into the type of radicalized hackery that has become the hallmark of Democrat campaigns.

He is engaging in ambush interviews of Bob Schaffer, the Republican Senatorial candidate in Colorado. The interviews are on YouTube. Keep in mind that Allen lists himself as a “government inspector.”

According to the Rocky Mountain News:

Stayman and his colleagues were the subjects of subpoenas and hearings for the repeated unethical and illegal lobbying, privacy intrusions, and political activity, which included such things as drafting press releases for labor organizations, trying to get social security numbers of political opponents, and offering to help Democratic candidates for Congress defeat Republicans. Earl Devaney, the Clinton-appointed Inspector General for the Interior Department said that Stayman’s office was responsible for the “most egregious” behavior he had seen in 30 years on the job.

The Clintons forced Stayman to step down from the Department of the Interior after a criminal probe began related to illegal campaign activities on the job.

Here’s the thing: Stayman makes over $100,000 a year on taxpayer dime despite a clear trail of questionable and dubious activities. A lot of Senate staffers leave the office to volunteer in the last days of the campaign, but this is some rather wacked stuff he’s doing.

The question is, is Allen Stayman still on the Senate payroll? And did he take time off to engage in this behavior?