A Note On RedState Posting Privileges and a Change of Policy

In the last few days we have seen an influx in trolls harassing readers, spamming people, etc.  We see this every election cycle.  And it escalates right before and just after election day.

We don’t want our present readers to be harassed by newcomers who are just here to make trouble, or pestered by spambots.  Nor do we want sincere new readers being unintentionally lumped in with malicious trolls simply because both are new.  And we want to ensure that RedState continues to function without having to expend a lot of time cleaning the place of spammed comments and diaries designed to drain our resources.

Therefore, we have decided to institute some temporary restrictions beginning this evening and running through Wednesday.

New users will be able to create accounts and read the site, but they will not be able to post on the site for twenty-four hours.  A lot of sites on the left already do this, but few do on the right.  

We know that there is a loosely organized campaign underway to troll RedState and harass readers.  So we’ll, at least temporarily, mimic what some left-of-center blogs already do.  If you want to join RS and talk about this election, just bear with us and join the conversation starting Thursday.