Seen those trends?

The polls narrow. And the McCain campaign claims ownership of the last 96 hours of this campaign season.

In fact, among undecided voters, the largest portion is now solidifying who will get the vote. And the Obama “spread the wealth” stuff and the LA Times video suppression are just helping ratify minds as the polls narrow.

Here’s what’s fun. Let’s assume the worst case scenario. Just for a minute. Here we have a situation with undecideds breaking for McCain, the media vetting of Obama beginning after the election, and a whole host of people who voted for Obama asking “WTF?” That helps us long term tremendously.

But let’s look at the best case scenario. We can a delight on election day as the undecideds break decisively for McCain, carrying him and Sarah! across the finish line. We’ll have a lot to savor. Good times people.

One way or the other, we know this: the trend has headed toward McCain at the same time the media and the McCain camp have finally gotten around to raising key questions about Barack Obama. Because of the failure to vet Obama early, those questions will continue after the election whether he wins or loses.

And both scenarios are ripe for our advancement as the seeds of doubt get sown. America won’t tolerate an unrepentant lefty in the White House. The Obama camp and media have gone out of their way to cover up who Obama really is. Whether we win or we lose, we’ll make sure the public knows the truth about what the media and Democrats did during this campaign.

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