BREAKING: Governor Sarah Palin Spent Government Dollars to Fix Government Property

How the hell is it news that Sarah Palin spent government money to fix up government property? Seriously.

The lady came in to office needing to fix up the Governor’s Mansion to make it appropriate for small kids and also fix up her office at the Capitol. After having the Murkowski’s there, you’d probably need a bio-hazard team.

Mind you, the work on her office area was not even for her.

The work on the Anchorage site created new offices for Kelly Goode, Palin’s legislative director, and Roseanne Hughes, director of external communications, McAllister said. The third office is reserved for “traveling staff,” who divide their time between Anchorage and Juneau, which are located 571 miles apart, McAllister said.

A Palin staffer said the Juneau mansion’s new blinds were installed to provide privacy.

“The residence manager determined that the blinds were necessary to prevent observation from the street of the family members,” administrative director Linda J. Perez said in an e-mail.

Mike McBride, past president of the Alaska Voters Organization, did not take issue with the expenses. “It’s not a tremendous amount of money. Things in Alaska cost substantially more than they do in other parts of the country,” McBride said. “It’s not an unreasonable number.”

Yeah, yeah, this can’t be media bias playing into the anti-Palin narrative. This paper endorsed McCain.


If McCain pulls this off, I want media heads piled on the South Lawn of the White House. If he does not pull this off, I’ll take the scalps myself over the next few years in anticipating Governor Palin’s 2012 bid.

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