So This Is "Growing" In Washington: The Kevin Madden Saga

Yesterday, I blogged about Romneybots trying to smear Sarah Palin. One of the ones who has been willing to do it on record is former John Boehner spokesman and, more recently, former Mitt Romney spokesman Kevin Madden.

Now Madden was a Hill guy. And he was good. Smooth, polished, a party man.

Then he went to Mitt Romney and was mostly smooth and polished, but not quite as good.

Well, where to go now? Oh . . . the private sector.

Where did Kevin Madden go in the private sector? The Glover Park Group.

The Glover Park Group is a Democrat group. Who is there?

Carter Eskew from Gore 2000; Michael Feldman from the Clinton White House; Gigi Gorges who worked with Hillary; Joel Johnson from Team Daschle; Joe Lockhart from the Clinton White House; Jonathan Sallet from the Clinton White House; Chip Smith from Gore 2000; and Howard Wolfson most recently of the Hillary Campaign.

They are good at what they do. Now they can play both sides having Kevin on board. But how much of the Palin bashing is Kevin trying to fit in and suck up to his new masters? Maybe he’s just killing two birds with one stone: sabotage Palin to help him get back on the Romney train in 2012 if he thinks Obama is going to win and make himself palatable in an all blue Washington. Still, so much for loyalties, etc.

This doesn’t explain the other Romneybots doing the same.

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