On the Politico's Tilt

The Politico would have us believe that they are not in the tank for Obama, rather the coverage of McCain sucking is a reflection of the McCain campaign.

The McCain campaign may suck, but the Politico is in the tank for Obama.

The problem is that the Politico has a habit of being lazy and running whatever is fed to them on silver spoons.  And the Obama campaign is in the driver’s seat feeding them premium dog food for their regurgitation.  The Politico’s instinct, like any in the media pack, is to go to its master before going to a stranger, so it feeds from the left more than the right. Likewise, the Politico would rather be first than be accurate. After all, they can correct the story later.

They ran the “Fred Thompson to drop out story” the day before the Iowa Caucus, which was not true.

Posited that Hillary had no lock on Pennsylvania in the primary when the data in their own article showed otherwise.

Claimed the Thompson campaign had few people show up at rallies despite video evidence proving the opposite.

Attacked Jed Babbin of Human Events while screwing up his biography and then not correcting it for days, even though multiple attempts were made to get the error corrected.

Mischaracterized Craig Shirley’s relationship to the McCain campaign to psensationalize his departure therefrom.

Pushed the “Is John McCain old and senile” line against McCain, mimicking Obama’s talking points.

Attacked Sarah Palin pretty openly and unapologetically.

Mischaracterized Sarah Palin’s statements for shock value.

Let’s not forget John Edwards dropping out.

etc, etc, etc.

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