The Attack Was Not

The attack in Pennsylvania was no attack. The young lady either needs jail time or mental help or both.

For the members of the left now gloating, please remember we correct our stories. You do not.

[UPDATE]: Moe Lane here, and I’d like to offer an apology… to Constant Reader Han Pritcher, who I yelled at the beginning of the thread yesterday. I’m sorry, Han: I can only plead heat of the moment, coupled with righteous indignation at what appeared to be at the time a contemptible act of violence against a woman, which is something that pushes every button that I own. I regret any harshness that resulted: again, my apologies for the rudeness. As for everyone I banned… suffer. I enjoyed tossing all of you, I don’t regret it in the slightest, and you know and I know that the truth or falsity of this story wouldn’t have mattered to any of you at all.

And that last bit is most assuredly your problem, not mine.