Chris Gorman for Congress

Believe it or not, there is a primary going on. Not a general election race, but a real primary. To be specific, it’s the primary-runoff in Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District.

There are two good men running, Chris Gorman and John Fleming.

Having to choose between the two, let me say I don’t know either one personally, but do have relatives and friends in Louisiana. Of course, the good relatives all live south of Alexandria and not up in Yankee land . . . er . . . North Louisiana. Anyway, I’m partial to Chris Gorman.

Both men in the runoff are conservatives. I think Gorman is probably a bit more pro-life than Fleming and I think he is more likely than not to stand firm on immigration issues. From what I know about Chris, I think he’s not going to be someone to “grow” in office, but will keep being rock solid.

I think between the two we should be supporting Chris Gorman.

Chris Gorman is 100% pro-life. He is in favor of securing our borders. He does want to win the war on terror.

May I kindly suggest we get him into the general election.