Orrin's Army

Orrin Hatch is fighting mad. He is fired up. I spoke with him late yesterday afternoon. He’s been out on the campaign trail explaining to people what would happen if the Democrats got to sixty votes in the Senate. And he is throwing punches.

He’d also kill me if I did not plug the NRSC’s website: http://www.nrsc.org

Go there and be a part of what he is calling “Orrin’s Army.” Say what you will about the NRSC’s operations from two years ago. John Ensign is doing an awesome job, but he needs help.

I asked Senator Hatch first about ACORN. “We’ve known for years that ACORN is an arm of the Democratic Party,” he said. They never talk about Republicans he said, just like the unions. He thinks ACORN does need to be investigated. But, he told me, the problem is that a lot of ACORN’s activities are at the state level and the Democrats won’t go after them. The Democratic officials at the state level “create a very bad situation,” he said. They are allowing ACORN to create “major defects in election laws.” Likewise, he said unions are a huge problem.

Unions covet a filibuster proof, Democrat controlled Senate relentlessly. “They are unaccountable. They’ll spend a billion dollars this election and $950 million will be soft money to get out the vote for Democrats,” he said. Meanwhile, the GOP must use hard dollars for GOTV operations. Senator Hatch used Gordon Smith as an example. “You have to agree that Gordon Smith is a fine Senator,” he said. “And despite massive spending against him, Gordon is even in the polls.” Nonetheless, it is a very tough race with union dollars and ACORN fraud trying to corrupt the election.

At this point in the conversation, he again plugs the NRSC’s website: http://www.nrsc.org.

We also talked about card check. “The Democrats are very cocky about winning and picking off Republicans,” he said. But he thinks as they get closer to sixty they’ll have more trouble picking off Republicans. He said, “Anyone who votes for card check is voting to destroy this country.” While he agreed with me that the way card check would structure union votes in companies is bad, he said the “worse part of the legislation is that card check would require compulsory arbitration after ninety days if collective bargaining failed. The government would set the terms of employment for two years. It’d drive companies out of business or overseas.”

“It would be an unmitigated disaster for the country if they got a filibuster proof Senate,” Senator Hatch told me. “This morning I read they want to end 401(K) plans. Can you imagine that? Anyone with a workplace retirement account is now rich, according to them.” The plan would kill 401(K) plans and create government accounts with three percent interest. Even in the economic downturn, 401(K)’s are averaging better than that. Senator Hatch agreed with me that it would kill the American dream by keeping the poor, poor and bringing the middle class down.

“President Obama said the first bill he’d sign if he got elected was the Freedom of Choice Act. That legislation is stark raving nuts. Without the ability to filibuster, he’ll get it,” Senator Hatch pointed out. The law would repeal the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, end parental consent for abortion, and mandate taxpayer funded abortions. “The Democrats will vote in lockstep,” he said. “They’ve sold the country down the river” and are “more interested in power” than solving America’s problems.

Turning to the Presidential campaign, Senator Hatch pointed out “the Democrats have chosen as their standard bearer the most liberal member of the United States Senate. He’s number one. His running mate is number three. Bernie Sanders, the self-declared Socialist is number 4. If you think they’re going to come up with any fiscal conservative positions, you’re nuts.” He continued, “Obama will take more from people who pay taxes and give the money to people who don’t. Clinton said he’d take care of the middle class and then the Democrats passed the largest tax increase in history,” Senator Hatch pointed out. He said Obama would do just the same.

So what can we do? Senator Hatch would say go to the NRSC’s website: http://www.nrsc.org Donate. Get Involved. Fight the fight and spread the word.

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