McCain Volunteer Attacked. But Someone Yelled "Kill Him" at a Palin Rally (UPDATED)

I lay this at the feet of the mainstream media. For weeks they have cooked up tales about Republican verbal violence. They let Barack Obama get away with claiming someone called for killing him at a Sarah Palin rally — an outright lie that the media let get by.

This morning, Jim Galloway, a friend in Georgia and reporter at the AJC, put up a post at the AJC Political Insider blog about a campaign staffer to a local Republican state senator. The staffer was worried about violence on election night. Left wing bloggers blew this up into a big deal because the kid used his campaign account. Naturally, this must be a Republican Senator whipping up hostility. Never mind that the Republican Senator in question is out of the country.

But Jim, in his report, went on to write, “Speaking of reining in some out-of-bounds behavior, take a look at the YouTube clip below, showing a Oct. 21 confrontation with Barack Obama supporters at a Sarah Palin rally in Nevada.

“In the video, Palin supporters shout, “Vote McCain not Barack Hussein, Vote McCain not Barack Hussein.”

Now there is nothing per se wrong about Jim writing that. It is perfectly acceptable and a fact that this happened. But the media narrative has become one that highlights the hostile words of Republicans and downplays the hostile acts of Obama supporters. And note that these were Obama supporters disrupting a Palin rally. What gets flagged is the Palin supporters’ response.

Words versus actions. How many news outlets have covered the Obama supporters trying to block Sarah Palin’s motorcade? How many news outlets covered the vandalism of Senator Norm Coleman’s property? Compare that to how many covered the words spoken at a Palin rally that allegedly foment hostility toward Barack Obama.

Today there is a new, more violent twist. A McCain supporter, a 20 year old college Republican volunteer, was savagely attacked by a Barack Obama supporter in Pennsylvania. She was at an ATM getting money. He saw the McCain sticker on her car, robbed her, and carved a “B” into the side of her face.

He carved her face like it was a pumpkin Picture here

But someone yelled “kill him” at a Sarah Palin rally in reference to Bill Ayers.

UPDATED: Josh points out in RedHot that Obama did tell his supporters to get in people’s faces. Hey! The dude was just doing what The One asked him to. Full pardon on January 21st [Ed. — This means we cannot just blame the media. We must blame Obama too. “This is not the thug I knew. I’ve known some, but not this one. The thugs I know kill police and blow up government buildings.”]

UPDATE 2: Note how Memeorandum covers this story. Nothing political here. No political implications. Just a random act of violence.

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