NRCC Yanks Funding From Michelle Bachmann (UPDATED)

Let’s just call Tom Cole (R-OK), the head of the NRCC, what he is: a douchebag.

Some of you will be upset by the language, but I think it is an accurate description.

We chronicled for you the need to ditch Tom Cole from the NRCC months ago. Sure, we knew it was going to be a bad year, but Cole seemed more interested in the perks of the office than actually trying to mitigate damages.

Cole defended Don Young.

He also defended Rick Renzi despite the criminal investigation that forced Renzi from office.

And while Rome was burning, Cole fiddled away demanding an apology to Indians.

Now, in the height of all douchebaggery, he has pulled all funding from Michelle Bachmann’s very winnable race in Minnesota, in which she is presently leading, though not by a great deal.

Why? Because Bachmann had the nerve to point out Obama pals around with anti-American domestic terrorists and other unsavory characters, i.e. she’s echoed Sarah Palin.

But that’s okay. Apparently we have Republicans to spare.

Help Michelle Bachmann. This race is absolutely winnable. Hell, she’s winning right now. But she needs our help.

And then call Tom Cole and give him a piece of your mind.

UPDATED: For perspective, Tom Cole has been sending money to Don Young in Alaska. So attacking the Democrats is unacceptable to Tom Cole, but taint and corruption is perfectly fine.

You still upset I called him a douchebag?

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