Why ACORN Blatantly Defrauds The System

What’s ACORN’s angle in all of this? You’ve got to have asked yourself the question. Why blatantly overwhelm the system. They had to know they’d get caught.

Step back for a minute. Yes, the immediate goal is to get Barack Obama elected President. But beyond that, what is the goal?

If you remember my original post on the New Party, I noted that

By 1996, the New Party had solidified its ties with ACORN, unions, and the left so much so that even the New York Times referred to it as “leftist.” Manning Marable, writing in the left-wing New York Beacon, on October 23, 1996, wrote that “there are four key components in this strategy for progressive political change.” Among those components were civil disobedience and “support for independent movements like the New Party which are running candidates in local races. More importantly an innovative approach to electoralism is represented by ACORN’s ‘living wage’ referenda campaigns.”

One of the New Party’s shared goals with ACORN is on the New Party’s website. It is “Full public financing of elections, universal voter registration, proportional representation, free party competition.”

The Sundries Shack does a good job tying all of this together:

The entire reason ACORN was founded was to overload our governmental systems so that the progressives could claim them broken and replace them with something of their own devising.

By overwhelming and disrupting the system, ACORN and the left can claim the system is in need of fixing. What will the cures be? Universal voter registration and public financing of elections for starters.

They broke it and they want to fix it.