Viable Options

Up top one more time. Please note that I’ve added Saxby Chambliss. — Erick

With only a few weeks left until election day, let’s be blunt: McCain-Palin ’08 does not seem to be making headway against the polling. McCain has one more debate in which he could, and we should hope that he does.

At the same time, the Senate and House Republicans are going to get crushed. They just are. You can say the polls are biased. You can say the polls are rigged. But do so at your peril. Ignore the numbers and look at the trends.

The Republican numbers in the House and Senate can be salvaged, but in the next few weeks there must be a realistic assessment from the McCain campaign regarding winning his own race versus helping Congressional Republicans mitigate their losses. In the best case scenario, he should be able to help himself and the Congressional GOP. And that is possible in a number of cases.

Right now it is a necessity that we help as best we can.

We must be aggressive and involved. Below are the races where, despite the expected smack down, we have a real possibility of picking up these seats. Note that the Senate side is primarily defending our own.

Give any money you can, then get out there and help.


Saxby Chambliss in Georgia.

Norm Coleman in Minnesota.

Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina.

Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.


Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania-11.

Rick Goddard in Georgia-08.

Chris Hackett in Pennsylvania-10.

Pete Olson in Texas-22.

Erik Paulsen in Minnesota-03.

Tom Rooney in Florida-16.

These seats are all winnable. But they need your money. Likewise, if you live in one of these districts, they need your on the ground help.

Now, this note is as much for the contributors as it is for you guys, if you want a diary promoted to the front page between now and election day, it must be about the ground game in a race you care about. Even better, tell us all what you are doing to help a candidate.

It’s time to open the wallets one last time then get in the field.