Rush Limbaugh Loves Jim Marshall. At Least Jim Wants You To Think So.

Jim Marshall (D-GA) is running a very tough race against General Rick Goddard in Georgia’s 8th Congressional District. Goddard opposed the bailout. Marshall vote for it. Goddard is the Republican in this Republican leaning district. Marshall is the Democrat.

Now on radio, Marshall is running an ad highlighting his NRA endorsement. Also in the ad, Marshall cites Joe Scarborough’s praise for Marshall’s stances in opposition to his fellow Democrats.

The kicker, though, comes at the end. The ad says both G. Gordon Liddy and Rush Limbaugh have praised Marshall as a great congressman.

There you have it. Marshall wants you to vote for him, despite his vote for Nancy Pelosi, because Rush Limbaugh has said nice things about him. Forget the Republican in the race.

Someone ought to tell Rush.