Obama's Special Relationship

Remember John Edwards? Who broke the Edwards story? The National Enquirer of course.

After that coup, the left, which patently refused to mention the Edwards scandal decided that anything the Enquirer wrote about Sarah Palin had to be the gospel truth. They could talk about her alleged affair. They could speculate that her baby was not really her baby. They could go after her kids. After all, the National Enquirer covered it.

Hit the brakes folks.

The National Enquirer now suggests Barack Obama had an underage, gay affair with a pedophile. Yup. That Frank Marshall Davis guy Barry says was his good friend? Turns out he was a perv of the first order and liked young boys.

This post is not intended to spread that rumor. Frankly, if Obama wins, we’ll have our hands full around here making sure folks don’t develop Obama Derangement Syndrome.

But, I wonder if Andrew Sullivan and company are going to aggressively push this story. After all, it came from the Enquirer.

What goes around, comes around.