What's the mortality rate on African-American Male Smokers?

It’s a fair question to ask now. The left, after all, has been running ads by doctors questioning whether John McCain might actually have cancer still. These doctors have never examined John McCain. They just looked at his medical records. They saw that John McCain gets regular screenings. They saw that he has been cancer free for several years. But, they still question whether or not he may have cancer and there is a cover up.

Contrast that to Barack Obama. Obama refuses to release his medical records.

Obama told us he had given up smoking.

Now he admits he has not.

ABC News’ Sunlen Miller Reports: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama admits he’s bummed cigarettes a couple times on the campaign trail since publicly kicking his habit at the launch of his presidential run.

“I figure, seeing as I’m running for president, I need to cut myself a little slack,” he told Men’s Health in an interview for their November issue.

What is Obama hiding in his medical records?

And what is the mortality rate of African-American male smokers?

The left made it a fair question to ask.