Spencer Ackerman Should Not Write About That Which He Does Not Understand

We call get flack sometimes for writing about things we think we get, but that we don’t.

Spencer Ackerman might want to reconsider this piece of his.

He tries his best to portray a meeting between General Petraeus and Secretary Rumsfeld as awkward.

He writes:

But as Petraeus walked off stage, Rumseld responded with the oddest variation on a handshake I’ve ever seen, reaching over Petraeus’ arm to shake it with his left hand.

Whether he meant it as a signal of displeasure or a signal of dominance — Petraeus had little choice but to go along with the elaborate maneuver — it served as an appropriate signal of awkwardness.

Note to Spencer: Secretary Rumsfeld had surgery on his right shoulder a couple of weeks ago and could not use his right arm to shake hands.

Sorry to shatter your theory.