The Debate Was Boring, But McCain Proved Himself While Obama Melted

First, this was the most boring debate so far. It was really boring.

Second, John McCain gave the most substantive answers to the questions. Obama patently refused to answer some of the questions, including the last question. He couldn’t bring himself to admit there are things he does not know.

Third, Obama’s holocaust answer is just astounding. Absolutely astounding that he’d say that.

Fourth, there was nothing new in this debate. McCain really set himself up for new attacks on Obama. Obama did nothing to set anything up. But at the end of the debate McCain really stood out with his answer on what he did not know. It was an absolutely brilliant answer from McCain.

The media will say it went Obama’s way because there was no no change. But I suspect that McCain actually will pick up a bit from here. His answers were common sense answers and steady.

He did well.

Obama came across as a whiner. Like with the “me too teacher” answer to the bracelets in the last debate, his begging to respond because he couldn’t use his time effectively, came across poorly, as did his crass use of 9/11.

Overall though, this debate was boring.