Jim Marshall on the Take. Support Rick Goddard


Jim Marshall (D-GA) is one of the most endangered Democrats on Capitol Hill. His Democratic base does not like him because he supports the war and voted against SCHIP. The Republicans don’t much care for him either, though they’ve traditionally supported him. Lately, he’s been a bit too pro-union for the local GOP and he voted for the Wall Street bailout.

After the bailout, Marshall filmed a commercial explaining his vote. You can watch his advertisement here.

Roll Call reports this morning that Marshall shot the ad at the Perkins Coie, a lobbying firm. As Roll Call notes:

Rep. Jim Marshall is among the Members who risked political suicide last week by voting in favor of the Wall Street bailout bill. Knowing that decision might be unpopular among voters, the Georgia Democrat took out a campaign ad to explain his vote.

But now the ad is creating controversy because it was filmed at the downtown office of Perkins Coie, a firm that has undertaken lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill.

After all, if there’s any group hated worse than those Wall Street fat cats, it’s lobbyists.

Marshall’s opponent, Gen. Rick Goddard, is a conservative champion in these parts and a top notch Republican. I know him personally and consider him a friend. I totally vouch for him.

In this election the Eight Congressional District in Georgia has been redrawn to mostly track Saxby Chambliss’s old congressional district where Saxby remains hugely popular. This will be the first election that the Eight District, as now drawn, will be able to turn out en masse to vote for Saxby. They’ll be voting for Goddard too.

In my demographic analysis of the Eighth, there will be between 40,000 and 70,000 additional voters turning out in a Presidential election year. In 2006, Marshall only won by slightly more than 1,000 votes. The voters who will turn out in the 8th during a Presidential year will lean substantially to the right. Likewise, for years Goddard was the very popular commanding General of Robins Air Force Base, a major employer in the district.

We can pick up this seat this year. You should really contribute $10.00 to General Goddard’s campaign.