This Week is the Last Week

At this point, the campaign for the Presidency is Barack Obama’s to lose. If the election were held today, he would win. Not only would he win, but Republican loses in Congress would be massive.

From here until the election on November 4th, the McCain chances of winning diminish on a daily basis, except for external factors beyond either candidates’ control.

This is, in fact, the last week for John McCain to, on his own accord, shift the polling trends back in his favor. To do so, he must aggressively begin punching Barack Obama on issues that work to McCain’s advantage.

I think we’ve seen the beginnings of this with Sarah Palin going after Obama’s terrorist ties, which are extremely extensive and barely covered by the media.

Beyond Obama’s terrorist ties, McCain should also begin pounding Obama on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Like with the surge, McCain was right on the issue and Obama was wrong. Also like the surge, Obama has steadfastly refused to admit he was wrong.

Remember President Bush’s pre-election news conference in the White House in 2004? Standing in the East Room, reporters repeated demanded to know what mistakes he would admit to. They have never done the same to Barack Obama on these issues.

It is time for McCain-Palin ’08 to change the narrative by aggressively going after Barack Obama on Fannie and Freddie. Force the issue before the public and an unwilling media. Force the tough questions. Certainly, Obama will push back, but McCain should easily be able to handle those questions — much easier than Obama can handle his questions.

We are in the last week in which McCain can do anything himself to win this race. After this week, the polling is locked in except for external factors. And at this point, the purpose is mitigation of damage against the GOP, not making up significant lost ground.

If McCain wants a chance of winning and if he wants to mitigate damage to the Republican brand across the ballot, he must aggressively attack now and attack using Fannie and Freddie.