Steve Schmidt: Let Sarah Loose

Here’s what I know about the Katie Couric interview:

Nichole Wallace, who previously worked with CBS and now works on the McCain campaign, advocated strongly for the Couric interview, promising it would be fair. Looking at the edited out clips, it is obvious it was not a fair interview. Wallace, in fact, said it was necessary for Palin’s credibility to do a long interview with Couric. Sounds like campaign malpractice to me, given what happened in the editing room.

But here’s the thing: Palin proved herself last night. She undid the damage CBS inflicted on her. Now it is time to get her out there.

Fox News is reporting Palin is mad as hell that the McCain camp is winding down in Michigan. It is time for Steve Schmidt to let Sarah loose.

Get Sarah and Todd Palin to Michigan. Let them campaign together. As the Wall Street Journal notes today:

Maybe John McCain should fire the advisers who won’t let Sarah Palin do more interviews. The Alaska Governor has faced two major campaign challenges — her acceptance speech and last night’s debate — and each time she’s shown herself worthy of the national stage. Let Mrs. Palin be herself, and then when she makes a mistake, as every candidate does, it won’t be treated like some epic judgment on her fitness to be Vice President.

I could not agree more.