Capturing the Sentiment of the Grassroots

For you members of Congress who voted for the bailout, consider my wife.

My wife is mad as hell that this bailout bill passed today. I mean, she won’t even rationally discuss it with me because she is so damned mad about it.

She finally said tonight that if they’d shut down Fannie and Freddie and passed the bailout, she’d be fine because at least they’d have admitted their fault, mitigated it, and moved on.

But without that, she said it’s just going to happen again and again and again.

And then she refused to talk about it any more.

In our eight years of marriage, this is the first time she’s ever been pissed about anything related to the government.

I hope John McCain and all the right-of-center 527 groups pay attention to this too. People who don’t pay much attention to politics do, in fact, pick up on the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac boondoggle. This is not an issue to run away from.