Mary Jo Kilroy's Radical Web of Socialist Agitators

Mary Jo Kilroy, running against Steve Stivers in OH-15, has denied being any sort of radical. In fact, when Steve Stivers attacked her for working for the Free Press, Kilroy’s campaign responded that she had won an award for “excellent journalism.”

Well, let’s examine Mary Jo Kilroy and the Free Press.

We’ve uncovered film of Kilroy participating in a French socialist “documentary” called “Sentimental Journey: America’s Dissidents.” The file, by Noel Burch, “tells of Burch’s return to America and meeting up with former leftist companions.

Kilroy is seen on film talking about the Free Press wanting to expand socialist debate to get “real change in this country. And we do this with the Free Press, which is one of the few alternatives from the sixties and seventies still in existence.” Kilroy admits the socialists are propagandizing via cable television and electoral politics. The director of the film describes Kilroy as living in “the belly of the beast,” i.e. America. In the film, as well, we see Kilroy sharing office space with the American Indian Movement and the Socialist Democratic Party.

Below the fold, you can watch the film. But even more important, I’ve got information about the other people who worked at the Free Press. People who, it will show, demonstrate the Free Press was no ordinary newspaper — it was a paper giving voice to individuals who believe in Maoist thought, radical revolutionaries who have supported the violent over throw of the United States.

These are Kilroy’s associates.

The Stivers campaign is noting Kilroy’s socialist past. Part of that past includes direct political ties to Democratic Socialist of America Ohio co-chair George Boas working to elect Kilroy in 1991 and 1995.

But take a look at the Free Press and Kilroy’s associations are even more disturbing.

Steve Abbot is a former editor of the Free Press.

“Further, 30 years ago the editorial staff of the Columbus Free Press were jailed on May 18, 1972. They were arrested by the notorious Columbus Police “Red Squad.” Margaret Sarber, John Neikirk, Steve Abbott and Colin Neiberger were held on bail as high as $150,000 as enemies of the state. Back then, there was a real clash of cultures: a peace-oriented social justice culture vs. a violent military industrial complex.”


Margaret Sarber, another Free Press editor, was President of the Columbus chapter of Students for a Democratic Society. As Wikipedia notes)

In 1968 and 1969, as its radicalism reached a fever pitch, the SDS began to split under the strain of internal dissension and increasing turns toward Maoism. Along with adherents known as the New Communist Movement, some extremist illegal factions also emerged, such as the Weather Underground Organization.

Steve Conliff, a founding editor of Free Press, wrote for Subversive Scholastic and Overthrow. He also believed the student protestors against Vietnam should have been “well armed militias and shot back” at police at Kent State.

Colin Nieburger was, like Obama’s friend Bill Ayers, a member of the Weather Underground. He was also a leader of Kent State’s radical, maoist oriented Students for a Democratic Society.

The list goes on and on,.

The Free Press posts the Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio newsletter.

Connie Hammond, who writes for the Free Press, is the Secretary for the Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio.

Simone Morgen, who writes for the Free Press is the co-chair for the Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio.

Mary Jo Kilroy has tried like the devil to distance herself, but she is tangled in a web of radical socialists. Why distance herself? Probably because she knows being connected to the Maoists SDS activists and socialist worker bees in Ohio is a dangerous thing for her politically.

But it is her reality.

And we have her on film embracing that reality.