There are days I think we deserve to lose

This is one of them.

If you haven’t heard of Culture 11, you are no worse off. I’m not going to link to them.

They are Steve Forbes’s money + Bill Bennett’s name to give you some conservative culture take.

My good friend Joe Carter, who sent me a very nice email last week that I now remember I never responded to (I’ll get to you Joe), works over there now too, as does Ericka Andersen, formerly of Human Events.

Today, they are pushing a piece hard on why conservative leaders should get Sarah Palin to resign. The day before the debate, this is their story. Surely they just want attention.

I’m happy to let Katleen Parker, etc. say what they want. Some people are on the team. Some people are not on the team. Some people want you to know they are conservatives first and Republicans second and by God let me pee on the GOP just so you know how far apart I am even if I play willingly into an unfair media narrative against Sarah Palin.

So these Culture 11 folks are pushing this story. Here’s the email summary:

This compelling and well-written piece makes case for conservative leaders and opinion-makers to call for the resignation of Sarah Palin. This is not an editorial opinion but simply one of our writers.

This may just be one of their writers, but it’s the top story on their website. And who is the writer? Some guy named Conor Friedersdorf. That’s right. A Huffington Post writer writing at Culture 11 wants to make a case for conservative leaders to get Palin to go. As if we’d take this guy seriously.

Thankfully Joe Carter has a brilliant take down of the guy. I’d link to Joe, but then I’d have to link to Culture 11 and I’m not going to do that.

There are days when I think we deserve to lose. And this is one of them. It’s all great to say you are a conservative first, but at the end of the day, there are only two teams playing on November 4th — pick one. I guess Culture 11 has chosen Obama.

So let’s not confuse them with any sort of conservative standard bearer organization. They clearly are not.