Obama campaign funded by foreign citizens

It’s against the law. But it doesn’t matter to Barack Obama. He is allowing foreign citizens to fund his Presidential campaign.

Campaigns do not have to disclose anything about people who give less than $200.00 to a campaign. John McCain discloses all the donors, regardless of their contribution. Barack Obama? Not so much.

But Ken Timmerman has been able to piece together enough clues to paint a very ugly picture of Obama’s fundraising — one that involves places like Abu Dhabi, Iran, and Beijing.

And unlike McCain, or even Hillary Clinton, Obama never bothered to ask, until recently, about a donor’s citizenship.

This is just another instance of Obama being secretive.

He won’t release his college transcripts.

He won’t release his bar application.

He won’t release his medical records.

Now he won’t release the identities of all his donors.

What is the man hiding?