Expose the Truth About Barack Obama

Human Events has been running a very successful campaign to distribute its special editorial supplement, “The Truth about Obama:  What Every Citizen Needs to Know,” to conservative student leaders and selected media outlets across America. This is Human Events’ way of spreading the conservative message more widely and familiarizing more people, especially young people, with the work of  Human Events.  

RedState is pleased to now join in this effort.

In an effort funded by our readers and other fellow conservatives, Human Events has been able to make this report available to thousands of students on college campuses across the nation.  More than 5,000 copies were also distributed at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. 

There’s still time to help RedState and Human Events send out more copies of this riveting special editorial supplement.  A contribution from you will allow RedState and Human Events to deliver even more boxes of “The Truth about Obama” to campuses around the country. 

For donations of $50 or more, Human Events is sending out a complimentary copy of David Freddoso’s New York Times bestseller, The Case Against Barack Obama:  The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media’s Favorite Candidate.

Please click here to help Human Events spread the conservative message and the Truth about Obama across the United States Donate now so we can broadcast “The Truth About Obama” to the American public by clicking here.

(For print version, say Go to https://members.humaneventsonline.com/donate.php to contribute now Or you can call 1-888-467-4448.