Barney Frank thinks getting screwed by Fannie execs was so much fun, he let them do it to the taxpayer.

Earlier today, romantic connections between Democratic lawmaker Barney Frank and Fannie Mae executives1 were detailed in the media. During the 1990’s, Frank – who is openly gay – had romantic relationships with key Fannie Mae executives during his tenure on the House banking committee.

Frank often explored Fannie; and in public, Frank maintained that Fannie Mae was a firm and robust organization. Supporters of Fannie were known to be generous givers to Frank, who always had an eager hand out for their contributions. While speculation at the time was rampant over Frank’s motivations for his joining with Rep Joe Kennedy to soften Fannie Mae’s stance on home-mortgage rules, the thought of a personal liaison seems not to have arisen.

We attempted to reach-around Capitol Hill for comments on the matter, but those inquiries remained unsatisfied.

  1. In fairness, the article only mentions one Executive, but Barney had a brothel run out of his house. Do you really think it was just one? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.