Mary Jo Kilroy: Socialist Propagandist Caught On Film

Things have turned negative in OH-15, the battle of Steve Stivers, an Iraq war veteran, against socialist Mary Jo Kilroy, running as a Democrat.

Kilroy attacked Stivers for once working as a lobbyist for Bank One. Stivers responded that Kilroy ran a socialist newspaper. The Kilroy campaign shot back, claiming that Kilroy won an award for “excellent journalism” and that Stivers is lying about Kilroy’s time at the Free Press, the socialist newspaper Kilroy worked at.

But, ladies and gentlemen, I have found something far more damning about Mary Jo Kilroy.

Not only did Mary Jo Kilroy actively run the far left Free Press newspaper, she participated in a French socialist documentary sympathetically chronicling the struggle of the far left in America.

The documentary, “Sentimental Journey: America’s Dissidents”, by Noel Burch, “tells of Burch’s return to America and of meeting up with former leftist companions.

Who is among those “former leftist companions”? Mary Jo Kilroy.

Below is opening video of the documentary. Kilroy is seen on film talking about the Free Press wanting to expand socialist debate to get “real change in this country. And we do this with the Free Press, which is one of the few alternatives from the sixties and seventies still in existence.” Kilroy admits the socialists are propagandizing via cable television and electoral politics. The director of the film describes Kilroy as living in “the belly of the beast,” i.e. America.

In the film, as well, we see Kilroy sharing office space with the American Indian Movement and the Socialist Democratic Party.

That’s the electoral choice in OH-15: An unrepentant socialist propagandizer versus an Iraq war veteran.

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