A few points

  1. The media today is trumpeting the fact that today the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by more points than on any other day in history. This caught my attention not because of the number, but because usually the media also gives us the percentage drop. Today they did not — caught up instead in the number. Peter Robinson notes the drop was only 7% in value as opposed to the 22% drop in 1987.

  2. I’m a bit gobsmacked that conservative pundits who supported the bailout are attacking members of Congress for listening to their constituents. Amazing how representative democracy worked well today and that’s not good enough for some people. Truth be told, the public could very well be wrong, but members of Congress, like on the immigration bill, listened and voted accordingly.

  3. Does it really hurt Republicans that the media is blaming the GOP for killing something the public did not want anyway?

  4. Those of us who opposed the bill may actually have shot ourselves in the foot. Now Nancy and the Dems could very well pass a bill far to the left of the compromised Paulson plan by rallying some of those Democrats to the plan who refused to vote for today’s plan. The President, naturally, will sign it.

  5. Not that we need reminding the media is out to get conservatives, but it is amazing they are so willing to blame the GOP for this when all the evidence shows Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats could have passed the plan if they wanted. And how is it that the 60+ 133 Republicans who voted no are unpatriotic, but the 95 Democrats who voted against it are not? Or maybe everyone just realizes the 95 Democrats hate America.

  6. I updated 5. I had the number of Republicans wrong. I was looking at the “for” as opposed to the “noes” as the Congress spells the negative vote.

  7. Notice the legislation was not entitled the “Wall Street Bailout Act of 2008.” instead, the legislation was titled, ” A Bill To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide earnings assistance and tax relief to members of the uniformed services, volunteer firefighters, and Peace Corps volunteers, and for other purposes.” That’s spin for you.