Free Sarah

A reprint of AChance’s comment:

Unlike most here and elsewhere in the Country, I actually know Sarah Palin. I sat in Monday morning commissioner’s staff meetings with her when she was on the AOGCC, I’ve chatted with her from time to time, and I see her dealing with the press here all the time. Usually, she is quite voluable, even chatty. My only criticism is that she is sometimes too colloquial, but that may just be my own predjudice.

I think the reason she appears so tense and tentative at times is not that she doesn’t have her own answer; leadership level Alaskans have to be pretty well versed in national and international affairs since our lives are dictated in DC, NY, London, and Riyadh more than in Juneau and Anchorage – most of us even have cable TV and computers. Rather, I don’t think that she’s confident of the McCain Campaign’s answers, the briefing books must be thousands of pages, and is worried about committing McCain to something. This is the downside of the very tight control that is clearly being exercised over her.

She needs to be cut lose to say, “I haven’t discussed this with the Senator, so I’m not speaking for him, but my opinion is …” Nothing says they have to have the same position on everything, e.g., ANWR. So, long as she doesn’t say something abysmally stupid, and I’m confident she won’t, she’ll be fine and McCain can step in and say what his position is if it is different.