The Future is C-SPAN

I have seen the future of internet political sites and it is golden — a shining city on a hill of Web 2.0 goodness and gradients.

C-SPAN, stodgy network of Brian Lamb, has just beaten everyone else in the game.

Their debate hub website will make all political junkies’ lives so much easier. They’ve made it possible to search a debate timeline, watch video broken out in the timeline, extract video of my choosing, and match it with a searchable transcript.

And it is darn easy. They are not only going to do it for all debates, but they’ll be adding C-SPAN archival video for searching too.

Tonight, there’ll be about a ten minute delay, but you will be able to follow along with the debate, have the moderator and the candidates broken out, and rapidly pull video of your choosing with transcription.

I stand in awe of technology right now. C-SPAN has done a wonderful job.