In the Debate: Obama says he never said he'd meet with Ahmadinejad

Really? Really? He’s going to say that? Really? With all of this:

“Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama underscored his willingness to talk to leaders of countries like Iran that are considered U.S. adversaries but said that does not necessarily mean an audience with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.” (Caren Bohan, “Obama Says Won’t Guarantee Ahmadinejad A Meeting,” Reuters, 5/26/08)

Question from a reporter: “Senator, you’ve said before that you’d meet with President Ahmadinejad …” Obama: “Uh huh.” Question: “Would you still meet with him today?”Obama: “Yeah, nothing’s changed with respect to my belief that strong countries and strong presidents talk to their enemies and talk to their adversaries. I find many of President Ahmadinejad’s statements odious and I’ve said that repeatedly. And I think that we have to recognize that there are a lot of rogue nations in the world that don’t have American interests at heart. But what I also believe is that, as John F. Kennedy said, we should never negotiate out of fear but we should never fear to negotiate. And by us listening to the views even of those who we violently disagree with – that sends a signal to the world that we are going to turn the page on the failed diplomacy that the Bush Administration has practiced for so long.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Press Conference, New York, NY, 9/24/07)

You can see it for yourself here.

Yes he said it.