Barack Obama's Old Politics of Lies

Obama has accused McCain of dishonesty.

He says pro-life activists are lying about his record.

He says the GOP is manufacturing phony outrage.

And yet Obama is telling a massive whopper to Latino audiences in spanish. Does he really think by not using English we’d ignore it?

Obama is trying to tie John McCain to Rush Limbaugh. Clearly he does not keep up with the right, given Rush’s repeated criticisms of John McCain during the past eight years.

The media, naturally, is pushing the Obama lie with only the rare honest look coming from people like Jake Tapper.

Obama claims Rush Limbaugh called Mexican workers “stupid and unskilled.” That’s a total distortion of what Limbaugh said. Likewise, he claims Rush Limbaugh said Mexican workers should “shut your mouth” or “get out.” That was Rush actually describing Mexican immigration laws. Jake Tapper breaks it all down nicely.

Barack Obama, the man who claims to transcend politics and race, has hurled out a massively untrue race baiting ad and it is not even in English. He did it in Spanish to whip Latino immigrant populations into a fury.


Because Latinos do not trust Barack Obama. He has to make them trust John McCain even less. And he cannot do it with the truth. He’s going to have to lie to Latinos to do this, something that won’t go over very well in the end.

Talk about your old style politics of smear. Too bad the mainstream media is so enraptured with Obama they won’t do their job and report this accurately.

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