The RGA Goes After Christine Gregoire

The Republican Governors Association has rapidly become one of the most effective campaign organizations within the Republican Party. They reorganized a couple of years ago and now map out long term strategies and fundraising, instead of spending 100% of their cash cycle to cycle.

This year they have set their sights on Christine Gregoire (D-WA). I’ve written about the issue before and it has people hacked off in Washington. Gregoire received over $600,000.00 in campaign contributions from American Indian tribes then decided to give up the state’s share of revenue generated at Indian casinos. The tribes get to keep 100%.

Critics have seized on the issue and voters are angry. Gregoire has responded by calling the critics racist. The RGA though, fearless of Gregoire criticisms, have taken to the internet and airwaves to highlight this issue.

You can check out their website at CasinoChris.com.

Here is the ad: