Does Barack Obama Still Support the Bridge to Nowhere?

Barack Obama’s campaign claims Governor Palin has flip-flopped on the Bridge to Nowhere.

Where does Barack Obama stand on the bridge?

Governor Palin changed her mind and told Washington “thanks, but no thanks” to the bridge. Barack Obama voted to fund the Bridge to Nowhere.

So does Barack Obama still support the Bridge to Nowhere? Or has Obama changed his mind to now oppose the bridge?

If Barack Obama has changed his mind, that puts him in Governor Palin’s position — going from support to opposition.

If Barack Obama still supports the Bridge to Nowhere, that puts him at opposition to everyday Americans who saw the Bridge to Nowhere as another example of corruption in the Republican majority of two years ago.

Has the media asked where Obama now stands on the bridge or is the media more interested in letting Obama keep the talking point without doing their due diligence on the point?

BTW: The NY Daily News article got one fact wrong. McCain did not vote for the Bridge to Nowhere. He was not on the floor that day.